New Site Layout Finished

Wednesday, 11th July 2018


The new site layout is finally ready for launch! It's been a lot longer in the making than I had hoped and I thank everyone who stuck with me while I completed it. There are still a few bugs which I hoped to squash soon and a few missing features I had planned but I wanted to focus on getting the content of the site updated regularly as it was rather sparse since the soft launch a few weeks ago.

A big thank you to everyone who is following the sites social feeds (especially on instagram) as I took on board all your feed back and answers to the questions I was posting. In response I have given models and pornsites seperate lists for you to search through. The models page is rather bare at this moment in time but will continue to populate as I add content.

The biggest change is the addition of videos to the site! It was a pretty unanimous response to whether or not you wanted video streaming on the site. I have now implemented this. Currently they are embedded videos hosted by each affiliate and so I have no control over how long they will stay on the site for. I hope in the future (depending on funds) that I can host them indefinately on the site for you to enjoy forever.

Some future features I plan is to implement a search by category/tag on the photosets so you can decide whether to see certain photos such as those tagged with 'feet' or 'raw' as an example. The ground work is there and you will see that the tag system on the sets and pornsite pages have been improved. It should not be long until this feature is rolled out. I am also planning to implement some form of social sharing widget for certain pages to make it easier for you to share the site with your followers if you wish to.

I hope you continue to enjoy the site and make sure to start checking back regularly for hot updates across the site. Please engage in the comment sections of the site and don't hesitate to message on here or social media with any feedback or bugs you find.

Until next time, happy perving ;)

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